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Psychosexual problems

Sexual and relationship problems are surprisingly common and can cause huge distress. Research suggests that between a third and a half of adults report having sexual problems. At the heart of many relationship breakdowns and divorces are sexual problems. But people find it very difficult to talk about such personal issues and this may mean that problems go unresolved for years or even for ever. It does not need to be like this. There are experienced therapists who specialise in psychosexual counselling & therapy, and can help.

Sexual health guide - psychosexual couple

Sexual problems are more common in the early adult years and again in older men and women where there they may be the result of other medical conditions or medical treatments. Sexual dysfunction is more common in people who abuse alcohol and drugs and medical conditions such as diabetes and degenerative neurological disorders. It is therefore important to have a proper clinical assessment to exclude medical reasons for the problem.


Sexual problems typically fall into four main areas:

  • Desire (reduced or increased libido)

  • Arousal (frigidity, impotence, erectile dysfunction)

  • Orgasm (premature, delayed or absent)

  • Pain (during intercourse or ejaculation)


Ongoing psychological problems, difficulty maintaining relationships or chronic disharmony with the current sexual partner can also interfere with normal sexual function and in these cases of psychosexual problems psychosexual counseling may be useful .


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