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Stroke rehabilitation : treatment in the UK

Stoke rehabilitation hydrotherapy

At stroke rehabilitation centres within the private healthcare sector, assessment and rehabilitation can begin immediately .


The common term “stroke” is used to refer to the damage caused by an interruption of blood supply to a specific area of the brain. Our brains require a steady blood supply bringing nutrients and oxygen. Without this constant supply, brain cells can be damaged or die, with resultant health problems. This damage is the cause of the common symptoms of a stroke and the severity of the symptoms are related to the amount and location of the damage.


Common health problems caused by a stroke include paralysis, muscle weakness, slurred speech, visual deficits, sensory impairment, memory loss, impaired resoning.


Although a stroke can lead to very serious health problems, there is a lot that can now be done through stroke rehabilitation to help the patient and their family to cope - as with all such conditions it is important that the rehabilitation treatment starts as soon as possible.

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