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Stress treatment

Everyone has some stress in their everyday lives. Stress helps people to prepare for challenges that life throws at them but problems start to occur when someone has too much stress in their life over a prolonged period of time. It starts to affect people's ability to cope and respond to situations and it can cause emotional and physical problems.


Common symptoms include excessive worrying, irritability, an inability to relax, feeling lonely and isolated or depressed. People can suffer from physical syptoms such as aches and pains, diarrhea or constipation, nausea, chest pains and a rapid heartbeat. It greatly increases the likelihood of severe medical conditions such as strokes or heart disease. It can affect people's eating and sleeping habits and can cause people to increase their intake of alcohol, nicotine and drugs.


Treating stress is about helping people understand what is causing stress in their everyday lives and helping them to find ways of controlling it. It is important to identify the origins of stress in life in order to make changes.


There are a variety of options for private stress treatment, ranging from individual stress counsellors and stress clinics to national providers of clinics across the UK.

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