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Hair transplant and hair restoration : treatment in the UK

Hair restoration and transplantation

Hairloss or hair thinning (alopecia) is a natural process, caused by heredity, hormones and age. Baldness occurs when the natural shedding of hair which occurs on a daily basis significantly exceeds hair growth.


There is a variety of surgical and non-surgical hair loss treatment options for conditions such as male pattern baldness and hair thinning, but hair transplant is the only permanent method of restoring hair. The principle of hair transplantation is to take strong hair follicles from the back and sides of the head and place them into the thinning or balding areas. This achieves a natural appearance of growth that is undetectable from the individual’s existing hair.


The skills and experience of hair transplant surgeons and clinics can vary, so it’s important to research what’s available to treat hairloss and hair thinning and obtain “references” from previous patients. The Institute of Trichologists, which was founded in 1902, is the leading professional association for trichologists (trichology is the science of the structure, function and diseases of the human hair) in the UK. For the protection of patients, the Institute of Trichologists publishes a Code of Professional Practice and Ethics, by which all practising trichologists who are registered members of the Institute are expected to abide.

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