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Knee surgeons and specialists in the UK

Some orthopaedic surgeons specialise in disorders of the knee. They deal with conditions such as knee arthritis, and damage to the knee ligaments. The operations and treatments that knee specialists offer include total and partial knee replacement, arthroscopic knee surgery, and knee ligament reconstruction (including anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction).

There is a professional association for orthopaedic surgeons in the UK who have a special interest in knee surgery and treatment - the British Association for Surgery of the Knee (BASK). Most UK knee specialists will belong to this organisation. BASK aims to provide a comprehensive selection of links and articles for patients undergoing treatments of the knee.

The British Orthopaedic Association is the professional association for over 4,000 surgeons and training surgeons treating injuries and disorders of bones, joints and their associated tissues.

Featured knee surgeons


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