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Where can I go for dental implant treatment?

Usually a prosthodontist or general dentist will initiate and coordinate the dental implant process, since they can best assess the merits of this treatment against other prosthetic options. If there is a doubt about whether to extract a tooth and replace it with a dental implant, an endodontist should be consulted.


Dental implant treatment is often a cooperative effort between a surgical dentist who actually places the implant and a restorative dentist who designs, prescribes and inserts the final replacement teeth. Some dentists have advanced training and provide both of these services. The placement of implant fixtures is sometimes done by specialists such as oral and maxillofacial surgeons, prosthodontists or periodontists.


We maintain a database of dentistry practices who offer dental implants surgery across the UK. You can view our featured practices, or search the database of dental practices.


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