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The Root Form dental implant method

The accepted method today for dental implants is the Root Form implant method, where a fixture is placed directly into the jawbone (the place which would normally be occupied by the tooth root). This assumes that there is plenty of width and depth to your jawbone. If this is not the case, then either a bone graft is needed or an alternative tooth replacement method must be used.


The Root Form Dental Implant, also known as the Endosteal Implant, involved inserting a screw-type titanium fixture directly into your jawbone under anesthesia. This fixture fuses with the natural bone (osseo-integration) to provide a very strong foundation, just like natural tooth roots. After the implant has healed in your jawbone, a single false tooth is attached, looking completely normal. For a denture involving several teeth, several implants will be needed for proper support.


Note: Advances in dental implant technology mean that you may be able to have ‘immediately loadable implants’ that use the latest in minimal-invasive surgery and the replacement crown is placed immediately. The gum is not cut, so there is almost no swelling or damage and therefore minimal discomfort. In addition the implants themselves are high-tech single units, with no screws or other elements as with old-fashioned, traditional methods.


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