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What do dental implants cost?

The term ‘dental implant’ embraces many elements and procedures which can result in widely varying fees. It is therefore important to understand all the elements involved with implants and build up a total from there:


  • Dental consultation fees

  • Bone grafting – where the patient has insufficient bone available to place an implant

  • Gum grafting - increasing the amount of gum tissue available in preparation for an implant.

  • Cost of dental post (fixture) plus dental crown or bridge that is inserted on top of the post.

  • Dental implant – the technical work of preparing the jawbone and applying the implant, where there are several treatment routes


In the UK

Dental consultation fees average around £50.

Bone grafting can cost £400 to £3,000, depending on the procedure needed.

Gum grafting can cost £400 to £500 per site.

Root Form Implant will run from £900 to £1,400.


Dental tourism

The relatively high cost of dentistry in the UK has prompted some patients to go abroad for complex dental treatment such as dental implants. Popular destinations include Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Philippines, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand and Turkey. These ‘dental packages’, providing significant savings, may be offered as a way to combine dental treatment with a holiday break.


Comparison of dental implant costs, including crown

The information provided here on the cost of dental implants abroad is obtained from the Treatment Abroad PriceWatch Survey 2006, an independent survey of medical tourism prices, sponsored by our company. The full report embraces elective surgery (e.g. hip replacement, knee surgery abroad), cosmetic surgery and dental treatment abroad. Read more about the report...


The price comparisons take into account only the implant costs (based on the Branemark system) and exclude the costs of the crown, as well as costs for flights and hotels. Bear in mind that these are average costs based on a survey of a large number of clinics and hospitals abroad. You may be able to find a better deal by using our get a quote service or by contacting one of our featured dental clinics.



Cost of dental implant excluding the crown, travel and accommodation

Saving on UK price







Costa Rica
























South Africa









A note of caution about Dental Tourism

It cannot be stressed enough that a complex procedure like Dental Implants needs to be thoroughly investigated from every viewpoint. Cost is only one of several considerations.


There are undoubtedly dental clinics abroad that offer the same quality of care as in the UK but at lower fees. How to find them and confirm their claims will be the subject of dedicated personal research. Lower overseas dental prices should be evaluated against the standards of dentistry and level of training in these countries. Every clinic can buy the same high-tech equipment, but it is the dentist’s training and experience that count. The concern in a patient’s mind should be “‘what happens if things go wrong?” and “Do I have legal recourse?”.


When implants go wrong, as indicated in the possible complications or problems section of this guide, they can be very difficult to put right. So we advise taking a step back from all the impressive ‘cost-saving’ claims and thinking about medical and legal implications as well.


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