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Private treatment: What happens if something goes wrong?

Guide to going private - upset woman

All operations carry some risk and while it is hoped that all medical, dental, or cosmetic procedures will go to plan even with a smooth procedure it is wise to exercise some caution.  Plan properly for the recovery period and know what possible complications could arise.  Immediate postoperative problems will be solved during a patient’s stay in the hospital so it is good to allow some flexibility to your schedule - just in case - and ask your doctor for detailed instructions and to explain what is normal and what is not for the days following the surgery. 


If something does go wrong, if you are unhappy with your surgery or it has been badly performed talk to your surgeon immediately to seek a resolution.  If you are unhappy with the service you receive you should speak to the healthcare professional, hospital or clinic concerned straight away as this is often the most effective and fastest way to sort things out.  If infections or other problems occur afterwards you should get in touch with the provider and follow their instructions.  For more formal complaints about your treatment, see our section about how to complain about your treatment.

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