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Hospital Treatment - Why Go Private In The NHS?

The benefits of being treated privately within the NHS environment are generally seen as follows:


  • Confidence
    By having your private treatment in a hospital within the NHS, you can rest assured that there is a full range of general and specialist medical services on site - 24 hours a day. There will always be a doctor who can see you immediately in an emergency. You will have immediate access to any additional care which you might need, including a complete range of diagnostic facilities.
  • Teamwork
    Consultants who treat privately in NHS hospitals , are there because it is their work base and this is where they have built up a specialist team. There is always a back-up from a wide range of on-site expert care, including specialist nurses and therapists.
  • Low charges
    NHS prices are highly competitive. Recognised by all private health insurance companies, NHS private units can, in most cases, arrange for your account to be settled directly with them.
  • Supporting the NHS
    Income generated by services provided to Private Patients within NHS Hospitals, will go back into the hospital's general finances, to support improvement which benefit all patient s at the hospital.
  • Using medical insurance or paying for yourself"
    You can be treated privately within NHS hospitals whether you have private medical insurance, or are paying directly for yourself. Some policies restrict cover, whilst others restrict access to certain hospitals, so you need to be fully informed before you make you decision.


Most NHS private units are members of the NHS Private Healthcare Association, an organisation committed to supporting private practice within the NHS, for the benefit of the NHS.


You can use our Hospital Finder to locate a private healthcare facility in your area.


You can also view our Featured Private Patient Units In The NHS.

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