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Vocal fold nodules: Treatment, symptoms, advice and help



  • Repetitive Strain injury to the vocal folds through harsh, tight or forced voice production, resulting in little calluses/corns on the vocal folds. There are usually a pair of nodules due to the rubbing action of the vocal folds rather than their normal smooth vibration together.
  • Excessive throat clearing or coughing.
  • Vocal tract tension.
  • Poor voice care.
  • Overuse.


  • Hoarse voice.
  • Increased force to project normal voice levels.
  • Deeper pitch.
  • Reduced pitch range.
  • Inconsistent vocal durability.
  • No pain.

Likely candidates

  • Professional voice users( people who need their voice for their job)
  • Singers, actors, teachers, solicitors, barristers, recruitment consultants, salesmen, people who use the telephone a lot during their working day.
  • Vocal nodules are also possible in children and are usually due to excessive shouting such as at football practice, or a forceful speech manner.


  • Identification and removal of causative voice abuse habits.
  • Relaxation of the vocal tract through increased voice care and specific stretches.
  • A speech technique aimed at opening the back of the throat during speech to reduce the tension building up which has contributed to the nodules, such a technique will also aim to free the natural voice a little more.
  • Breathing work to relax the voice throat and individual.
  • Posture advice is provided to reduce neck and shoulder tension which has a tightening effect on the voice.
  • Tips on how to produce volume in a safe way without causing vocal damage.

Excellent, Nodules markedly reduce or disappear totally.