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Time off school for infections: Advice and help


Minimising the Risk of Transmission of Infection to Other Children and Staff

RASHES AND SKIN Recommended period to be kept away from school (once child is well) COMMENTS
Athletes foot None
Chickenpox For 5 days from onset of rash It is not necessary to wait until spots have healed or crusted (IMPORTANT: see FEMALE STAFF IN SCHOOLS, see VULNERABLE CHILDREN)
Cold sores (Herpes simplex virus) None Many healthy children and adults excrete this virus at some time without have a 'sore'
German measles (rubella) 5 days from onset of rash The child is most infectious before the diagnosis is made and most children should be immune due to immunisation so that exclusion after the rash appears will prevent very few cases. (IMPORTANT: see FEMALE STAFF IN SCHOOLS)
Hand, foot and mouth disease None Usually a mild disease not justifying time off school