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Dyslexia: Treatment, symptoms, advice and help

About dyslexia

Dyslexia is an inherited condition characterised by learning disabilities which primarily includes difficulty in reading and writing. Characteristically the intelligence of the patient is normal.

Dyslexia: Incidence, age and sex

Dyslexia is one of the commonest learning disorders encountered in children. It may occur with equal frequency in both males and females.

Signs and symptoms of dyslexia: Diagnosis

The clinical spectrum of dyslexia may vary from individual to individual. It may range from mild, harmless symptoms to serious disabilities. The most prominent feature includes difficulty in reading, writing and speech. The affected child exhibit delayed speech and disorientation in directions. Spelling errors, using inappropriate vocabulary, lack of abstract thinking and even solving simple mathematical problems are exhibited by the dyslexic child. However the dyslexic child is normally intelligent and does not have any mental retardation.

Causes and prevention of dyslexia

Dyslexia is generally primary wherein it has a familial cause. It is usually seen in otherwise healthy kids. Occasionally the child may have developmental dyslexia which may occur due to hormonal imbalance during foetal period. Individuals with dyslexia are advised to go for genetic counselling before planning a family.

Dyslexia: Complications

The dyslexic syndrome has distressing personal and social implications. The individual may have low self esteem and even depression due to several learning disabilities encountered especially during academic life.

Dyslexia: Treatment

Unfortunately dyslexia has no cure. Multidimensional approach may be required to manage various problems of this disorder. The primary treatment modality is to provide special education facility to the affected individual. Innovative teaching methodology is required to overcome the learning blocks and make such children cope with reading and writing skills. Speech therapist helps in improvement of speech, if needed.