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Cholesterol lowering diet: Treatment, symptoms, advice and help


Best Choice Foods contain little fat, salt and sugar

Wholegrain and granary breads, wholegrain breakfast cereals, porridge oats and crispbreads, rice and pasta
Plenty of fruit, vegetables, potatoes, pulses, salads - fresh frozen, canned and dried
All varieties of fish, especially oily fish such as mackerel, sardines, pilchards, herrings and salmon
Chicken and turkey without skin, veal, rabbit, game.
Quorn, Tofu, Soya protein substitute
Dhal cooked without fat
Skimmed milk, low fat varieties of cottage cheese, fromage frais, very low fat yogurts, egg whites
Benecol or Pro.activ spreads, olive oil, rapeseed oil
Pasta with tomato/fat free sauces, kedgeree, potato topped pies with fish, meat or vegetable fillings, fat free home-made soups consommé, clear broth
Jelly (low sugar), fruit sorbet, fruit puree, whips and puddings made with skimmed milk. Sugar free artificial sweeteners, reduced sugar jams and marmalade.
Plenty of water/and or low calorie soft drinks, tea with low fat milk or without milk, unsweetened fruit juice, mineral water.
Herbs, spices, lemon juice, garlic vinegar.

Good Choice contains a little fat, salt, sugar

Other plain breads, white rice, and pasta, teacakes and pancakes
Olives, avocados, oven chips (cooked in suitable oil) stir fry vegetables, fruit with minimal sugar.
Fish fried in suitable oil, shellfish e.g. prawn, lobster, shrimp, crab, fish tinned in oil - drained.
Small portions of very lean trimmed beef, lamb and pork, lean ham and gammon
Semi-skimmed milk, soya milk, reduced fat cheeses, low fat yogurts or fromage frais. Frozen low fat yogurt.
Vegetable spreads or low fat spreads labelled 'high in polyunsaturates' fats and oils of named origin such as sunflower - small amounts only.
Low fat recipes, home-made soups with vegetables, lean meat, chicken or pulses.
Jam, marmalade, honey. Chutney and pickles
In moderation coffee with skimmed/semi-skimmed milk. Low calorie malted and chocolate drinks.
Low fat mayonnaise, salad cream or vinaigrette using suitable oils

Occasional contains more fat, salt and sugar

Sugar coated cereals, plain semi-sweet biscuits
Fruit in syrup, crystallised fruit
Vegetables (including chips and roast potatoes) fried in suitable oil
Any fish battered or breadcrumbed if fried in unsaturated fat
Lean mince, low fat burgers, liver kidney, tripe, duck - without skin, low fat pate, lean bacon - grilled not fried, nuts
Skimmed condensed evaporated milk, goats, sheep, full fat milk
Edam, camembert, gouda, brie, cheese spreads
Eggs - boiled, poached upto 3 per week.
Pasta in cream sauce, packet soups
Marmite, Bovril
Fruit crumble, fruit flan, milk puddings like custard, rice sago etc. cakes if made using suitable ingredients
Sweetened drinks, malted milk or hot chocolate drinks made with skimmed milks.

Avoid Eating contains too much fat, salt and sugar

Sweet, cream-filled cheese biscuits, croissants and brioche, pastries eg. Danish
Vegetables with butter or other fat added, fried in saturated fat included chips & roast potatoes).
Coleslaw or other salad in unspecified dressing
Crisps & Savoury snacks
Whitebait, fish roe e.g. Taramasalata, fried fish or fish products ins saturated fat, fish paste.
Fatty meats, meat pies, hamburgers, sausages, sausage roll, salami, pates and meat pastes, pork pies, scotch eggs
Condensed whole milk, dried mil with added vegetable fat, cream, crème fraiche, greek yogurt.
Cream cheese, stilton, cheddar
Eggs - fried, scrambled, omelette
Butter, hard margarines from unspecified oils, hard vegetable fats, dripping, lard, s