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Children and pain: Treatment, symptoms, advice and help


Reviewed by: Dr Tony Ganado, FRCA, Consultant Anaesthetist.

Illness and children seem to go hand in hand. It’s a natural and normal part of childhood. They may suffer from a host of illnesses which, though minor, can be upsetting and stressful for the parent to deal with, as well as unpleasant for the child to suffer. Other rare conditions such as Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, which are chronic require a much higher degree of care.

As well as providing comfort and reassurance (often the best tonic a parent could give) there are many over-the-counter medicines available in paediatric formulations, which are suitable for children and easy to take.

It is interesting to note that although children all over the world suffer from the same types of illnesses, the way they react to the pain shows differences with respect to culture and religion. These factors do indeed affect the way pain is perceived and dealt with, as do other factors such as personality and parental attitude.