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Acute suppurative sialoadenitis and abscesses: Treatment, symptoms, advice and help

About acute suppurative sialoadenitis and abscesses

Acute suppurative sialoadenitis is an inflammatory condition of the salivary gland which occurs due to some underlying infective condition, most commonly, a bacterial infection. This can arise in either of the three salivary glands namely parotid, submandibular or sublingual gland.

Acute suppurative sialoadenitis and abscesses: Incidence, age and sex

Acute suppurative sialoadenitis is a fairly common occurrence in the general population and seen in increased prevalence in older people. No apparent gender bias is observed.

Signs and symptoms of acute suppurative sialoadenitis and abscesses: Diagnosis

The common clinical features are enlargement of the gland which can be seen as a localised swelling on the cheek or the jaw area. The skin over swelling may be red and warm, indicative of the underlying inflammation of the gland. Some patients also complain of pain which exacerbates on eating. Fever may occasionally be present.

Causes and prevention of acute suppurative sialoadenitis and abscesses

The root cause of acute suppurative sialoadenitis is dehydration which may cause increased viscosity and reduced flow of saliva in the salivary gland and duct. These salivary glands are located in the face and neck. They normally synthesise saliva which helps in lubrication and digestion of food particles. But in a dehydrated patient, diminished flow along highly viscous saliva predispose them to stone formation, which may obstruct the salivary duct, resulting in bacterial infection. Some frequently encountered causes for such salivary stone formation are diabetes, AIDS and organ transplants. Moreover post-operative patients and patients who have recently been given radiotherapy treatment are also quite susceptible to this disorder.

Acute suppurative sialoadenitis and abscesses: Complications

In certain rare instances, acute inflammation of salivary gland may be complicated by pus collecting in it. This collection of pus in the gland is called abscess and presents with high fever and palpitations. Moreover pain over this swelling may increase on applying gentle pressure.

Acute suppurative sialoadenitis and abscesses: Treatment

The doctor may want to confirm this diagnosis with the help of ultrasonography and CT scan. Immediate antibiotic regimen is started to curb the bacterial infection of salivary gland. Dehydration of patient is managed by administration of adequate fluids. Some analgesics or warm compress may be recommended for pain relief. In patients, where this inflammation is complicated by pus collection, surgical drainage may be needed.