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The first weeks

There’s something very special and exciting about being alone for the first time with your new baby, but it can also be frightening. This is when you begin to realise that you can never go back. You’re now responsible for a new human being. The responsibility may seem much too big.

You may have a secret wish to run home to your own mother and ask her to take over. Or you may be the kind of person who just knows that you’ll get through and that everything will turn out fine in the end.

In these early weeks you’ll find there’s a great deal to learn, and all of it at the same time. Think of these first few sections as a guide to the basic information you’ll need to survive. Today it might seem impossible.

In a matter of months you’ll look back and wonder how it could have all seemed so hard. Read Your own life for more on how having a baby changes your life.

We are indebted to Health Promotion England for their help in compiling this section.