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The lunch time face lift

Mills Medical cosmetic surgery in Spain

Over the past few years a revolutionary new treatment has been developed and refined that enables you to have a non-surgical face lift that genuinely lifts and tightens the skin with superb, lasting results. This unique procedure, called the threadlift procedure, is commonly known as “the lunch time face lift”. It is now possible to truly turn back the years and look dramatically younger in just over an hour. The threadlift is suitable for people who are not ready for a facelift or who do not want an anaesthetic or to have surgery.

This article has been written by Dr Delia Martinez Neira of the Mills & Mills Medical Group based in Marbella, Spain.

The threadlift, as it is commonly known, is a gentle lift to the patient’s own tissue using barbed threads which lie under the skin, without the incisions and trauma of traditional face, brow or neck lift surgery. The threadlift is a safe and effective procedure that offers subtle, natural looking results. This technique allows the surgeon to produce a relaxed, refreshed appearance whilst enhancing the natural contours of the face. It does not replace a conventional facelift, but rather it offers patients an innovative, minimally invasive approach to achieving facelift-like results.

The more threads used at one time, the greater the lift you can achieve. The threads are not visible under fair or thin skin and are made from polypropelene, a material that has safely been used in the body for many years in medical devices. 

In properly selected patients the threadlift can be used to:-

  • Lift sagging eyebrows
  • Adjust asymmetric brows
  • Reposition sagging cheeks
  • Lift drooping soft tissues of the mid and lower face
  • Smooth out premature skin aging 


The procedure is quick and usually performed under local anaesthesia and depending upon the extent of the procedure, patients can usually return to normal activities or to work within a few days to one week. In most cases, there is minimal discomfort, bruising and swelling.

The procedure is ideal to complement other facial rejuvenation techniques, such as Botox and dermal fillers.


mills and mills non surgical faclift

The treatment is as follows:

  • Local anaesthetic: performed in a treatment room not a theatre.

  • Threads are inserted under the skin from the scalp and fed through, until they come out in the area in the face that needs the pull.

  • Once in place the miniscule barbed hooks, hook onto the flaccid skin and the doctor pulls the saggy parts of the face that need the lift until it looks firm. Achieving the desired effect.

  • The remaining thread is then cut and stitched into place.

  • The stitches are removed 1 week later.

  • Antibiotics are prescribed for 3 days after the procedure to avoid infection.

  • People who have the procedure claim there is minimal discomfort.

  • Threadlift lasts approximately 3-4 years.

  • It is recommended that Arnica is taken 2 weeks prior to procedure.

The patient can go home after the procedure and although their face is numb from the anaesthetic there may be a little swelling and bruising. It is advisable to avoid solids for 3 days and only wash hair with care. After 3 days most of the swelling should be gone but still avoid eating food like apples which are hard to bite. Avoid wearing make up or touching the face and no highly perfumed moisturizer.

After one week the stitches will be removed and the face will look less tired, firmer and rejuvenated.


Profile of the author

delia martinez neira 60px

Dr Delia Martinez Neira qualified as Doctor in 1979 and originally went on to study Gynaecology for which she has earned an excellent reputation from her base in Malaga. She gained her specialist title in Gyanecology and Obstetrics in 1991. Understanding the needs of women has certainly helped in her career as an aesthetic Doctor. Dr Neira has a growing reputation for the use of thread lifts to lift sagging skin and she is so proud of this area of medicine that she had a thread lift procedure herself earlier this year. She has extensive experience with dermal fillers to infill wrinkles, and of course Botox®, the number one cosmetic treatment across Europe

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