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Dental spa: moving with the times

Senova spa

The demand for cosmetic dentistry treatment drives what is fast becoming a highly competitive market and patients who do not find satisfaction in their usual practice will quickly look elsewhere. Patients will no longer rely solely on the dentists clinical skills. From the initial appointment to treatment conclusion, patients must feel confident, secure, and aware that their convenience and wishes are at the centre of the service provided by the practice. This can only be achieved with a dedicated, well trained and prepared practice team, whose members understand the importance of customer satisfaction, image and presentation.


This article is written by Dr Jay Padayachy of Senova Dental Studios, Watford.

However imaginative a marketing campaign may be, the most effective promotional agent will always be a happy patient. It is up to the practice team to ensure that patients experience the ‘feel good’ factor every time they visit the practice.

Spa Dentistry 

Spa Dentistry offers the patient a dental appointment that could be compared with a visit to a social or leisure venue. An environment is created where both the patient and the staff can feel relaxed and with attention concentrated on the patient’s welfare and well being. It’s also worth remembering that as a relaxed patient it means it is much easier to have treatment than for one who is nervous or on edge. A pleasant ambience and attractive distractions can make all the difference.

What was the impression you got when you spent some time in the waiting room? Is the décor modern and pleasing to the eye? Is the seating comfortable? Is your first impression one of welcome, or just cold efficiency? Did the receptionist’s smile seem sincere, or merely automatic? Are there magazines or other reading matter, is it varied, clean to handle and up to date, or grubby and dog eared through much use? Editions which are weeks or months old suggest indifference to keeping the patients content while they wait. New patients particularly will be interested in the practice and the services it offers – are the brochures tastefully produced, readily available and fully informative? Staff profiles are always of interest to waiting patients, and invite relaxing conversation. 

Did your visit to the toilet and washroom facilities show a spotless appearance and well provided with the vital sundries? Was there provision for parents with small children?

Once you are in the chair, do you have a ‘spa’ menu? Does it include a heated pillow and neck support, music/DVD, eye masks/foot warmers, a blanket, jewellery cleaner, moisturising hand treatment and a choice of post treatment refreshments? Is there something you’d like to be offered which is not there? 


If there’s one thing that all patients appreciate, it’s comfortable protection which keeps them and their clothes clean and dry. CollarDamTM is the ultimate patient protection cape. Designed by practising dentists responding to patient demand, it incorporates crystal fibre technology and guarantees both safety from splashes or spillages and complete comfort. The cape is highly effective, affordable, stylish and simple to use. Being disposable, it satisfies the most stringent infection control criteria and makes a major contribution to leaving the patient feeling pampered and invigorated.

How does the ‘Wellness’ lifestyle relate to dentistry?

Stress affects us all, from managing directors to dustmen. Nikken has developed a range of products which ease the pressures of life and can make a difference to patients, both within the practice and at home.

Cosy magnetic blankets and infrared technology increase comfort levels and promote healing, high quality, mineral rich water from the PiMag offers a better taste and can provide a genuine differentiating factor for the more discriminating patient. Eye pads created from a single flexible magnet assist relaxation and are especially beneficial for patients who need sedation. Paying attention to something as basic as the air quality within the practice, which influences all present during every moment, raises awareness of well being and plays a part in reducing stress for staff and patients alike.

Placing the emphasis on individual well being by delivering a ‘Spa’ experience is not only good for the patient in terms of the quality of the occasion but also makes economic sense – the practice will be recommended to the patient’s friends and acquaintances. If patients feel they are greeted and treated as guests visiting a private home, in an atmosphere of calm welcome, they will be pleased to attend and pleased to return.


Profile of the author

Jay Padayachy 60px

A graduate of the Newcastle-upon-Tyne Dental School, Dr Jay Padayachy has been a principle at Senova Dental Studios in Watford since 1998, focusing on comprehensive restorative and cosmetic dentistry. A full member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, he is also on the board of directors. He is a member of the British Society for Occusal Studies, the British Society of Restorative Dentistry, the Pankey Association, the British Society of Periodontology and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry of which he is a sustained member. Also, he is a Director of Coopr8 Seminars and he lectures in all aspects of cosmetic dentistry in the UK.

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